Filament pour imprimante 3D PLA+, filament 1,75 mm


  • Fabricant : eSUN

ESUN PLA+ 1,75 mm, BLACK

  • This is an advanced PLA formula filament from eSun.

    This new formula is still 100% biodegradable just like normal PLA yet it produces a much stronger filament!

    PLA+ advantages over regular PLA:

    • Elongation At Break: 29% (compared to only about 5% in regular PLA)
    • Izod Impact Strength: 7KJ/m2 (compared to only about 4.2KJ/m2 in regular PLA)
    • Prints smoother & smoother printed objects
    • Extremely low warp
    • Higher layer adhesion
    • No brittleness issues